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Love & such craziness

Have you seen this website? Cardboardlove.com is for those who love Love, who live and breathe Love, who devour the cuteness of Love in one big juicy mouthful and swallow it whole.

Sometimes this website gives me a stomach ache if I take too big of a bite. Especially since my man is away. Away and focused and busy doing things that need to be done, for him and for me.

My man who stole my heart a long time ago in a park on the beach. Only three days after he trailed me to a gig where he didn't fit in, he stole my heart with one soft look... hooked for life.

He is not one to splash his love on the web for all to see, not one to make big attention grabbing declarations of love.

But when it comes down to it, when I am feeling shaky and unclear, stamping my feet and blathering incoherent nonsense, he knows what to say, or do or not do to make it better. When we're apart and the coffee's not as good, the sleep not as steady, and I start to forget what it's all about, he reminds me.

Which is why I let him have my heart in the first place.



Anonymous said...

Your so full of love and cuteness and craziness. Your perfect!

eb sinclair said...

I heart you and your words oh SO much. You are an INSPIRATION!!!!

...love Maegan said...

awe, this is so sweet.

~Thank you for your comment and story. I'm sorry that you may be going through similar emotions ...it's very on and off. It's such a strange feeling. Thank you ;)

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