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Di Guistini Family Sneak Peek | Family photographer Kelowna

Spending a snowy morning with this rambunctious family of 6, was the perfect way to wrap up 2013. The way they laughed, spoke, and connected with each other, made it apparent their family and their happiness is the number one priority. some families have that spark; the Di Guistini's have fireworks and the morning left me glowing from the inside out. Happy Holidays to everyone, enjoy your families, your loves, your life.


my little ballerina | Kelowna Children's photographer

Since Elodie saw "so you think you can dance" one night, she has been obsessed with the idea of ballet. She loves to float around the house, putting on tutus and spinning around, prancing on tiptoes, talking constantly about her ballet class. I told her she had to wait until her third birthday and then we would find her a class. Today was the day all her little dreams came true. And after her class, when she was strapped into her carseat I asked her if she had fun...

"It was good. It was great, I love it mommy, I really do." she was breathless and dreamy and had an air of pure contentment. So I told her we needed to have a photo shoot. And capture how she was feeling.


Almeida Family | Kelowna Family Photographer

This year has been a big old surprise for me. It's been busy around these parts, and every month when i think this is where it's going to slowdown, people pick up the phone or send an email or poke me on facebook (ok actually I don't even know if you can do that anymore) and in the midst of all these conversations and sessions, I have been oh so blessed to be able to reconnect with people from my past. Krista and I went to elementary school together (whhhat?!?!) And while facebook keeps you updated on bits and pieces, seeing someone with their little family and who they've become and how they've grown is infinitely more enjoyable in person and in my case oh so lovely to capture in a camera.


Ashton 6 months- Kelowna children's photographer

This boy makes my heart melt every time I see him. My favourite thing about the one year bundle package is seeing babies growing up and getting to capture each stage. Ashton is at that sweet stage where he is sitting up and babbling away, smiling, cooing, doing anything and everything to make hearts melt around him.


Smart Family sneak peek | Kelowna Family Photographer

Sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate, and then we're forced to make the decision to move the shoot to another day. And it's always a little bummer because everyone was excited and the plan was in place and then it all blows up with some raindrops and dampness that chills your bones and well general ickiness of the outdoor variety. Such was the case with the Smart family. So we rearranged and made new plans, and threw the old plans out the window.

And I guess that's how magic happens. Sweet little family magic. The second part of the session was chilly, but they kept each other warm.


Severeid Family session | Kelowna Family Photography

I'm a big fan of this family, mostly because they are a laid-back, funny type family, but also because they are my friends and I love them. Plus their kids had me laughing, and chasing them, following their little meandering paths. A good way to spend a morning.


Baby girl C sneak peeks | Kelowna newborn photographer

You may recognize this momma and daddy from their epic adventurous wedding in Nicaragua. And now my little friends are onto new adventures with sweet baby C. She was wide eyed and bushy tailed the entire session, and only crashed out once I was packed up and in my car.

Definitely an adventurer in the making, a very cute, cuddly, sweet smelling adventurer. Mommy and I will have to put our heads together to find the perfect location for our first family adventure. Congrats Ted and Ashley, she is a doll. xo

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