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Love & such craziness

Have you seen this website? Cardboardlove.com is for those who love Love, who live and breathe Love, who devour the cuteness of Love in one big juicy mouthful and swallow it whole.

Sometimes this website gives me a stomach ache if I take too big of a bite. Especially since my man is away. Away and focused and busy doing things that need to be done, for him and for me.

My man who stole my heart a long time ago in a park on the beach. Only three days after he trailed me to a gig where he didn't fit in, he stole my heart with one soft look... hooked for life.

He is not one to splash his love on the web for all to see, not one to make big attention grabbing declarations of love.

But when it comes down to it, when I am feeling shaky and unclear, stamping my feet and blathering incoherent nonsense, he knows what to say, or do or not do to make it better. When we're apart and the coffee's not as good, the sleep not as steady, and I start to forget what it's all about, he reminds me.

Which is why I let him have my heart in the first place.



If I could I would...

There's three forest fires raging all around the west side of town. It's smoky and sad and there's a feeling of frenzy ripping through the city, making it seem impossible to go on with life as though nothing were happening.

And yet, people are still carrying on. Getting their groceries, playing at the beach, life just keeps going while 10,000 people are on evacuation notice. It seems a little weird. A little detached. Like those commercials about global warming, where the family is out camping while a forest fire rages around them. But in times of crisis I guess we hold onto what we know and the beach, the groceries, the driving, the chatting, it's what we know. 

But in times like these I like to think about all the things I still want to do, see and try. Rather than get caught up in the hamster wheel, I like to try to bust free with thoughts of what else? 

So here's my list of things to do, see, try:

Visit here before my heart bursts from longing:

Get back to this since I quit after I sprained my ankle 7 years ago:

Buy one of these and go anywhere it takes me:

Fill more of these, since I seem to forget how to write: 


Full moon craziness

If you're wondering why you're feeling all crazy inside... it's because of the full moon, which is also being eclipsed this evening. I don't mean to sound like some crazed hippie preaching about the ways of the land, but I just thought I'd put it out there in case you're wondering why you feel all shook up inside.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky people not really affected by the lunar pattern and to you I raise my middle finger in silent jealousy.

I am not one of those people. No. I am the type that wind up sputtering and foaming at the mouth at 2 am in some packed ER, wondering what the hell got me here in the first place. Ok that's a little dramatic but I most certainly am not the girl-next-door on full moons.

In case you think I'm talking mumbo jumbo, we must look at the way Le Lune affects the earth's rotation, affected by the ocean's wave pattern, an ocean made of water, water that makes up around 65% of our total body... and you question why it would affect us little peeps? People get real here, this isn't hairy-fairy hippy stuff, it's science. Perhaps unproven but ask any doctor or nurse in the ER on a full Moon night and they will tell you the crazies come out when the moon is shining.

So my point is this... if you are feeling a little off, maybe a little crabby or tired, or wanting to rip someone's throat out, don't worry it's only the Moon... you're just fine.

If you start to turn into a wolf-like creature around midnight that might be an issue to take to your local doctor. But don't go to ER that's where the crazies will be.

My photo- my eye
Happy full moon eclipse day.
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