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Erin & Robbie Portraits | Kelowna Photographer

I met Erin in kindergarten, over playdough that we make believed into a lemonade stand. We were both shy, but I grew up in a house that was loud and she grew up in a house that was quiet- at least that's how I remember it. Birthday parties, and first days of school, and awkward fashion, and life as a teenager, and driving, and parties and growing up, she was always there. She'd like to tell you that I got her into trouble, and I'd like to tell you I'm a little bit proud of it.

And then I'll tell you she is one person I know is threaded so deep into my being that a friend doesn't quite describe who she is to me. She is my memories and my future moments. My sounding board and the girl who now gets me into trouble. We have seen each others heartaches, and helped dust each other off; we have seen each others successes and have shared in each others happiness; but mostly we are a phone call away and a moment to your door (well a four hour drive and then at your door) and if I ever needed her she would come.

And Robbie is the guy who lifts her up and keeps her shining. He is the guy I've been waiting to show up. He is her match and I knew it the first time I saw him. He's also the guy who can drink beer and barbeque meat with my husband making everyone perfectly satisfied with this relationship.


Munchkins and Lovies | Kelowna Children's photographer

If I learned anything from this weekend's shoot, it's that kids are infinitely more confident and honest and open to the world, than us adults. They don't worry about wrinkles, or looking a certain way, or not being able to turn on the charm in the way they'd imagined. And all that honesty and confidence and sweet little kid-ness makes them sparkle and trail a bit of magic behind them. Did I mention it makes my job pretty darn easy? Because cute translates really well on camera. And every munchkin who came wiggling through the door, their little lovie trailing behind them, was just the sweetest. All of them. Each. And. Every. One. I don't know how I got so lucky but today I'm counting my blessings. Thank you to all who participated in the first Annual Munchkins and Lovies- I hope to see you next year a little bit taller but just as effervescent.


Pastels in the Springtime | Kelowna Photographer

Sometimes it's a look; sometimes it's the light; and sometimes it's pastel pink hair and the sweetness that is Ashley Nitti to inspire a photo shoot. She is all giggles and kindness right down to her twinkling ballet-wannabe toes. It was her expertise that morphed Ally into this pretty pastel-pink haired woodland nymph. Ally bared whipping cold winds and pretty much freezing temps for this session, but I think you'll agree it was worth it. 

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