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Watt Family | Kelowna Family Photographer

 I always think it must be so weird for kids when I come barging into their lives with my camera. I try my best to slip in quietly and introduce myself, but really who doesn't notice a big black box-y thing in their face when their trying to play with their family? Evan (the middle boy with that sweet little smile) wasn't sure about this whole thing. Instead of trying to bend him to my photographic will, I let him take us on an adventure that was filled with Giraffe and Lion hunts, exploring a new land and other adventures. His older sister Talia (who's name I am probably spelling wrong...) was a little gem, I wanted to steal and make my assistant. She would whisper to Evan and take him by the hand, setting up all these lovely vignettes so I could happily click away. And then there was the littlest one, Reeve, who was a bundle of giggles and wonder, happy to be part of his lovely, rambunctious family. I would be too if I was him.


Ashton 3 months Part 2 | kelowna photographer

Part two was taken at home, in the early morning, when giggles and smiles are at their finest. There is something to be said about doing a photo session at home, something even more personal and honest. Everyone can be themselves and feel that sense of homeyness that only comes when you are surrounded by your things and your space. And this little family is always such a treat to be around. No fuss, totally honest and loving... I am so lucky to have met Kerry at the baby fair this year, can't wait to see cute little Ashton bloom over this next year.


Ashton 3 months Part one | Kelowna Baby Photographer

Remember this little guy? He has turned into a chubby cheeked little baby boy with the sweetest little smile and demeanor. I'm so excited to watch him grow over the next year and be able to capture the changes of his first year. This little portion of his session is the first of two, one being outdoors in the morning sun and the second part at home.


Audra and Dave wedding day | Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Remember this dreamy couple? The week before their engagement session we were fretting about the weather, so it was only natural that the week before their wedding we fretted again. But. But- the skies were the loveliest they could have been when the ceremony rolled around. High clouds gave a creaminess to the light that photographers dream about. And right at the end as the ceremony was being sealed the clouds parted and sunlight filtered down onto them. I think it's a sign that this love is the lasting kind. Congrats to you both, thank you for letting me be part of your amazing day.

Dress: Bliss Bridal

Bridesmaids' dresses: JJ's House for all but my sister. She ordered hers from a seamstress in San Fran.

Hair: Blue Dahlia. Katherine Jiricny and coworkers

Makeup: Nicole Laderoute

Groom's suit: Tip Top-Calvin Klein

Groomsmen's suits: Same as groom

Flowers/boutonnieres/floral arrangements: Village Flowers

Reception Location: Summerhill
Name of Justice of the Peace: Airlie Pinkerton

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