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Evelynn & Jezebel | Kelowna Photographer

Meet the lovely Evelynn and her ridiculously cute pup Jezebel.

Evelynn told me she wanted photos to mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life. This girl is on fire. She's just bought a new house, has been promoted to Co-chef de cuisine at a local restaurant and is ready to take on the world. Throughout all her big accomplishments her sweet dog Jez has been there cheering her on. I was so excited to shoot this session and capture those faces!

I mean how can two faces be so different? Evelynn's face is so striking and Jezebel's face cracks me up every time I look at it. Evelynn and I got the giggles a few times just watching Jez romping about at the dog park.

Here are a handful of my favourite shots.


Ashley & Ted Elope | International wedding photographer

These are our friends Ashley and Ted. Some time ago Ashley emailed me with the subject line reading: Exotic photos (not that kind!) She knew we were planning a trip to nicaragua. And she wanted to tell me her and Ted were going to. Oh and did she mention they were planning to get married down there? I, of course, immediately phoned her at work and was like: WHAT?!?!?! And then I may have clapped and jumped up and down.

Some time passed and suddenly we were there. In beautiful Nicaragua. We were surfing and hanging out on the beach, and building sand castles, oh and did I mention they got married? On a sailboat? At Sunset?

I could have chosen 30+ photos to feature here. But Ashley requested a small sneak peek so she could share the images with her friends and family, while they travel on through Nicaragua. She wanted to show the majority of the photos to her nearest and dearest when they returned.

Know that these two were the happiest I have ever seen them (and for Ashley this is saying a lot considering she is always glowing and smiling). There were the sweetest tears, and the kindest words, I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have been able to capture this day. Love you guys!

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