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I wasn't going to write a post today... perhaps because it was late and I had no words for you. But then I read
this, at the sartorialist, and I thought I should give you a glimpse at the kind graceful things my man does for me. After all, I write a good chunk of my posts about his antics, that are less heart fluttering from adoration and more heart palpitating from anxiety. Here is a nod toward the heart flutters. 

• He sends me little emails on days when he is far away and knows I need a hug 
• He phones every morning he's away for a chat (coffee dates)
• He rubs my yoga-induced aching legs every time I ask him to
• He cleans up the kitchen even after I've made an enormous mess making dinner
• He believes in every little dream I have ever voiced and stands behind me regardless of my indecisions in life's pursuits. 

There are more. Many more, but secrets are good in relationships. Best when shared between two people.

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Coulson Macleod said...

Thanks for featuring our 'What Is Love?' limited edition print. This print is my personal favourite as it was written by Coulson when he fell in love with me (I'm the Macleod half of the business).

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