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If I was a goddess this is what I would be...

Lately, I've been trying to figure out Life on the macro scale and why and how and all the other questions that can never be answered. I do this sometimes. Get all shook up for no apparent reason, and then I have to spend some time mulling things over, looking at my feet as I walk the dog for hours. Hoping, wishing, searching for answers that ultimately can't and won't and maybe shouldn't even be answered. I generally turn to old texts, or texts on old theories, though I know the intellectual mind could never fully understand the Universe in all its complexities and simplicities. Sometimes when I think about the Universe, and how big it is and how light travels and how it's constantly expanding I get so overwhelmed I have to hold my breath just to remember I'm human and can't possibly know all the answers.

But if I were a goddess and did have all the answers here's what I would do with my all encompassing powers:

First I would dress like this:

I would do this for people who's faith is waning:

I would remind the world to do more of this:

And less of this:

I would probably still wonder this:

I would believe this with my whole heart:

And this would be my one go to for unanswerable questions:

maybe I don't need all the answers after all. 


What is daily darlin? said...

wonderful post. wonderful things, wonderfull thoughts. wonderful lady.

Anonymous said...

I always cry when I read your blogs. Don't tell anyone.

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