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And so it is,

In all my travels the places that intrigued me the most were the tiny towns and villages tucked away from the beaten path. In these locales it seemed the eccentric, mysterious and down-trodden were spending their days tucked away from the prying eyes of society. In these little spots people can do as they please with only a few like-minded souls watching your every move. From the outside looking in it's a mysterious, eccentric bunch of people all with their own strange story on how they got there.
It's one of the intriguing things about being here. How did all the strange, free-spirited residents come to be in this tiny town? Some have escaped to the area, running from issues that plagued them in the "real" world. Some arrived here in hopes of finding adventure in the mountains and some like me, were brought here not knowing why.
So we all seem to fit together in some way or another. The strange and eccentric mixing with the adventurous and the lost. We all seem to get along, turning a blind eye to each others faults and embracing that which makes the other unique.


The snow has settled

It isn't too often one has the opportunity to make a drastic change in life. Perhaps because change is terrifying. At least it was for me. I tried to get out of this move numerous times, but in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do. After all Chad was given the opportunity to work out there, we were offered accommodation and all signs from the universe pointed to Beaton. No matter how hard I tried to stop the forward momentum, this was happening.
Still, no matter how afraid of change I might have been, I'm amazed to find myself lapping up the tiny moments of pleasure found everyday in this rabbit hole I've jumped into. Yes there are times when pleasure is hard to be found, like first thing in the morning when the fire's gone out and someone forgot to cut enough kindling the night before (I'm not pointing fingers but...) or the moment I realized it had been 4 days since I had showered, my hair was officially glued in a semi rocker/drug addict/hippy do' and I wasn't sure who smelled worse, Chad or I. But these were times I just had to get over and learn to appreciate.
Because if I had fought against the frustrating things, like the snowstorm which blew through town the very day we moved in, forcing us to build a sleigh out of plywood and 2x4s, which we loaded up with all our "stuff" and pulled behind our snowmobile down the 400-metre hill between our "parking area" and the cabin. If I'd thrown my hands up and cursed out the bastard snowgod I would have missed a pretty fun ride, clinging to our belongings, hoping nothing would fall off the "wagon" and praying nothing would break. (only one bowl!) If I had refused to live in a cabin with no running water, I would never have known the sheer joy of being able to pee in the middle of the night while sitting on a toilet, once we'd gotten the water running 6 days later. Even if the water only flows from a garden hose, is freezing cold and I have to fill up the tank to flush the toilet every single time.
It doesn't matter. What matters is that we're out here doing something we'd always dreamed about and we're both pretty happy to wake up to massive snowcapped peaks and soltitude all around, we're building character with every swing of the axe and every pot of snow melted for dishwater. The basic things are a bit more fulfilling and the hard stuff is tomorrow's giggle. At least that's what I tell myself when I can't start the fire and my feet are freezing!
So I'm the first to admit I was wrong in being worried about the move to the bush, I'm excited to be here, but still a bit nervous about all the unknowns. Still whatever unfolds will be an adventure worth taking.
I promise to have photos the next time around, the internet is fussy and I can't stand to wait any longer!!!




It's a funny thing packing your life in a box and moving out of a place you once called home. It can be down right disturbing once you move the furniture and clear out the cupboards. After all this is where all those nasty, grimmy, dust bunnies like to hide, away from the everyday vacuum, mop and feather duster-- not that I actually use a feather duster but anyway...
I have to say I was having some issues with the whole moving out situation. There, hidden in the darkest, dankest corners of our tiny condo, was a build up of filth which I feel could have been implanted by someone trying to screw with little ol' me. I'm a clean gal. I scrub. I vacuum. So where the hell did all this nastiness come from? Not to worry. I went to work on all those trouble spots, blasting those bastards into oblivion. And it wasn't easy. My arms yelled about the torture for days, but alas the condo was cleaned. I was sure that was why I had been feeling frustrated and annoyed. I thought once the condo was cleaned I would be feeling excited about this move to Beaton, BC. Don't know where that is? I'm not surprised. But amazingly it is on the BC map. Look for it.
However, once we'd vacated and our tenant had moved in, excitement was not mine to be had. I thought if I scrubbed hard enough, if I filled all the holes in the walls and cleaned out the fridge, i thought I might feel ready to take the plunge into a completely different lifestyle than the one we currently live in. But let me tell you, I was wrong. The bad feelings got worse as the moving date got closer.
Yep. I'm still terrifed with about moving. I mean really, it's not like I haven't spent the last 6 years of my life hopping from place to place, life to life. But this, this just seems so-- uncertain. This is totally out of my league.
Sure it all sounded fabulous when we were planning the great adventure of 2008. But planning and doing are two completely different things and I'm not sure I really thought this one through.
You can't blame me for being difficult, can you? There are a lot of unknowns out there-- like for instance where am I going to pee at four in the morning? Am I destined to have bad hair the entire time we live there, because we don't have the power to run a blowdryer? What is going to happen if we run out of food and our car won't start? I've got more, some many more worries like what will I do to stay lucid and how will I avoid murdering my husband? Will I become a crazed mountain woman who talks to the trees and gets skiddish around people?
So my dear friends, this is my way of keeping sane. This little blog will be my escape and I want you all to stay in touch with me.
I'll post pretty pictures and I might have the odd insightful thing to say about this experience. But what this is really about is for you all to keep tabs on my sanity and make sure I'm not starting to sound like I've crossed over to the looney bin side. I know normally I'm walking a pretty tight line, so you've got to keep up with me here.
Anyways-- enjoy my adventure-- I hope I will.
xxx kt
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