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Momma Feature- Lauren | Kelowna Mother's day Sessions

Lauren originally came to me as a client, with the most amazing and fun photo shoot concept- a portrait session of her and her husband's vintage Corvair. Not only is she one hot momma, she is also the mastermind behind Perspective Event Design and we just wrapped a fun styled shoot we'll be featuring soon! Here's what Lauren has to say about motherhood:

First off tell me about your munchkins (age, stats, awesomeness): Fredrik aka Freddie, 18 mths, he's a trouble maker, has a wicked temper, but is so loving and loves to be a goof. Grace, 6, Loves being dramatic and off in the clouds, is incredibly caring and sensitive towards the world around her, and has always been incredibly independent.
What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood? Motherhood has helped me be ok with my insufficiencies. It has taught me that it's possible to be confident in not knowing everything. You go into parenthood thinking of all the things you will teach your kids, and really they end up teaching you so much more, as long as you're willing to learn.
What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart? My best trick for dealing is distraction, it's always a great method. But mostly stepping back, taking a breath, and calming myself down first helps everyone else to do the same. Reminding myself that whatever is happening now is a beautiful mess and I will look back at it later, and laugh. That I am blessed to be in that moment. (Not that I always remember do this, but it works great when I do)
How do you relax at the end of the day? Sit with my husband, no matter what he is doing at the time. Being able to even just sit in silence together helps me to unwind.

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time? Our family is so scattered and sporadic that rituals are hard to keep. Constants are laughter, goofiness, and all together mess.
What's your go to beauty routine? A decent amount of time in the shower. I don't do much for beauty these days for many reasons! I have really been working on who I am to those around me so I can improve for myself, and be a living example to my kids. To me confidence in who I am rather than what I look like is important.
What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple? The first thing I see that is decent and clean. Usually consists of a skinny pant, longer tank top, and a loose cardigan sweater.
What's the best advice you received as a new mom? No one knows your child like you do, and you know what is best for them, no matter what anyone else says.
How do you balance your life/work and life as a mom? I still have yet to figure that one out, and if anyone could pass on advice I will take it gladly! I do always make sure that my priority is at home, my husband and kids take precedence over work.
What are your favourite mommy-time rituals? My morning shower, it helps me get a good start on being present for the day.
Anything else you'd share about being a mom? I have a lot more motherhood ahead of me, and am looking forward to learning and laughing along the way. I know that no mom has it all together and finding the support system of other moms who realize that and are willing to admit it to others is so important. It helps us all as moms to support each other and be able to focus on what is really important, our families.

Thank you Lauren!


Momma Feature- Krista | Kelowna Mother's Day Photo Session

Krista and I met in high school drama class. After we graduated and went our separate ways, Facebook brought us back in touch. When she approached me about doing a mom and babe session + family session, I couldn't have been more honoured. Krista is as beautiful inside as she is out. She and her daughter Love have the sweetest bond. While shooting their session I imagined them a few years down the road singing and dancing and whispering secrets. Here to chat about her approach to motherhood is Krista.

First off tell me about your munchkin (age, stats, awesomeness): Love is turning 1 on May 20th!!!!!! She is the absolute light of my life and the gauge on my happiness meter!!!

What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood? That even when I'm not holding her, I now rock back and forth (pretty sure I look a little crazy when this happens), and I haven't had a bath without bath toys floating around me in about 11 months....just too tired to be bothered to take them out;)

What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart? Hakunamatata, that song instantly makes Love happy....and mommy a little batty after all of the times I've sang it, or played the scene on repeat;) but it totally works!

How do you relax at the end of the day? A bath with many bath toys..... And any type of reality TV trash!

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time? I sing "somewhere over the Rainbow " to Love everynight before bed. It's a special time for us to be close. Josh plays the guitar to Love, we go on walks, basically we try to enjoy time as a family as often as we can!

What's your go to beauty routine? A great moisturizer and some mascara, I love not having to wear makeup everyday!!!!
What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple? Onzie yoga wear, or jeans.....and I'm always rocking Cons these days. The girl who didn't consider a shoe to be a shoe unless the heel was over 4 inches, now prefers the comfort of a good converse sneaker!

What's the best advice you received as a new mom? To soak in every moment, and to enjoy the simple beauty of seeing you child grow.

How do you balance your life and life as a mom? Love is my little homey, I try to bring her with me as often as I can, so she is able to experience new things. When I take some "me" time I practice Bikram yoga and I'm super blessed to have an amazing, hands-on husband who encourages me to have a balance!

What are your favourite mommy-time rituals? Walking into Love's room when she first wakes up to the most beautiful smiles. I then bring her into bed with Josh and I for morning snuggles, she laughs and chats non stop for 20 minutes straight, So cute! I cherish our nightly baths together and the content beautiful look when I sing to her before bed, is another fave. Melts my heart!!

Anything else you'd share about being a mom? I can truly say that I am the most fulfilled, happiest, proud, giddy, amazed, scared, tired, frustrated, and IN LOVE I have ever felt in my entire life. She has given me purpose and created joy and beauty in my everyday and I am so blessed to be on this journey with her. She is the definition of perfect for me!

Thank you Krista for the fun and amazing insight!


Momma Feature- Liane | Kelowna Mother's Day photo sessions

If you've been hanging around this blog over the last little bit, you have most definitely stumbled across the amazing Liane of Swheatgrass Organic Wheatgrass. This amazing, hard working mom has built up an incredible business with her husband, all while staying true to herself and her kids. You may have seen her two kiddos on the Munchkins and Lovies post. Here to chat about motherhood from her viewpoint, is Liane:

First off tell me about your munchkins (age, stats, awesomeness):
Ruby is almost 8 going on 14. She was a 9 pound baby- came into the world strong and beautiful and that is who she is today . She loves art, fashion, Taylor Swift and she dreams of joining the wrestling team in high school. She's crazy strong but her heart is all girl- sensitive and sweet.
Ryder on the other hand is small but full of courage. He'll be 6 at the end of the month. He's a daredevil like his dad and his extreme tricks in the playground at school have gotten him in too many accidents to name including a trip to emerge. It's his first year of school and the principal has called us so often to report the latest recess injury that I am pretty sure our number is on speed dial by now.
What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood? How much I can love. How much I admire my own mother.

What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart? Laughter. My kids love to laugh! I can divert any situation by getting the giggles going..and when one starts, they both can't stop.

How do you relax at the end of the day? I spend time in lego city(corner of the livingroom) or at Ruby's cafe.

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time? My favorite family time growing up was our summers at the cottage. Free of any distractions, influences...really living in the moment and as a family. I am proud to say we now raise our kids in a cottage-like setting(the sticks far from town) You won't catch us rushing to dance or hockey or any other activities that glorify a busy childhood. Our family moments are simple and sweet. We stack firewood together, walk to the beach every night for our after dinner swim and often dinner is had around the campfire in our very own yard. Yes, the drive to town can seem long at times, but the kids and I have had our best heart to hearts during these long drives. The sports we encourage right now with the kids are the ones we can do as a four pack like skiing and paddle board missions.

What's your go to beauty routine? A braid and a hat

What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple? Right now it's my Blundstones with wool socks. and if I can't find those boots, rubber boots are my second faves.

What's the best advice you received as a new mom? Don't sweat the small stuff but relish in the simple sweet moments.

How do you balance your life/work and life as a mom? It's a work in progress. I learn a lot by watching my own mom with my kids- how to be really present in that moment. I continually work on grounding myself and try to wash away any thought of work while being/playing with the kids. I am a morning person so getting up one to two hours before the kids is my most productive time. By the time the kids are up, I feel I have accomplished something and the morning can be all about them.

What are your favourite mommy-time rituals? Bedtime snuggles that lead to bedtime giggles.

Anything else you'd share about being a mom? Don't go to bed feeling the mom-guilt. Tomorrow is a brand new day to be the best mom you can be. My mom always said she did the best she knew how to do at the time.

Thank you Liane! Isn't she amazing?!?


Momma Feature: Ashley | Kelowna Mother's Day Photo Sessions

Becoming a mom was by far the most surprising, crazy, enthralling event of my life. So naturally, one of my favourite parts of photographing young families, maternity and beauty portraits has been to chat about motherhood with other moms. All the moms I chat with seem to have similar ups and downs, surprising and hilarious ways of balancing life/work/relationships. So in honour of mother's day coming up, I wanted to feature some of my clients and their approach to motherhood. 

First up is the lovely Ashley. You may have seen her in her amazingly romantic Nicaraguan elopement to Ted and their newborn session. Ashley and I first met at yoga class and quickly became friends while sweating, giggling and groaning our way through classes. When she approached me about shooting their amazing nicaraguan elopement I was beyond excited to be part of their intimate wedding day. Ashley is the kind of woman who laughs quickly and easily and makes you feel at ease right away. She is now momma to the sweetest little babe, but I shall let her tell you about her journey in motherhood.

First off tell me about your munchkin (age, stats, awesomeness):
Kay Lila is 7 months old and at the super fun stage where she can sit up, babble, play & interact but is not crawling yet. Her awesomeness is off the charts, naturally.

What's the most surprising thing you've discovered about motherhood?
How fun it is! My friend Kelly said it best: “Parenting needs a new PR campaign”. I seem to recall hearing mostly horror stories of how new parents didnʼt sleep for 3 years and diapers were always exploding everywhere, so i was expecting to trudge uphill through alot of tough days...but it is actually amazing and very fun! She recently learned to put her soother in her mouth and its pretty much the most greatest thing I have ever seen, tied with her drinking water out of a cup. Maybe thats why people share bad stories-because they secretly know it rocks and want you to be pleasantly surprised too:)

What's your go to trick when all else fails and everything is falling apart?
I quit! When things get super crazy and Iʼm drowning, I quickly ʻorganize the messʼ (run through the house and stack the dirty dishes in the kitchen, throw all laundry in the laundry mountain, pile random papers/bills on the desk) so I donʼt have a constant reminder of the chaos staring at me from every room, then I check out. I play with Kay or we take Warner for a walk, something that makes us all happy.

How do you relax at the end of the day?
I would like to say I meditate but really, its sitting on the couch with Ted, drinking a mug of hot tea or a Dukeʼs Cider, while chatting, reading a book, or watching Netflix.

Do you have any family rituals you've incorporated into family time?
We do a lot of singing and dancing around here, which makes her laugh, which makes us sing and dance even more. We have made-up songs for almost everything that happens (diaper changing, jolly-jumping, bathtime, lotion application, etc); she likes these personalized songs best!
At bedtime she gets a private concert- Ted plays the guitar and I am the backup singer/ dancer, we hope she will join our band someday.

What's your go to beauty routine?
My lifelong makeup routine hasnʼt ever extended much beyond multiple coats of mascara and my recent fave is ʻthe Falsiesʼ by Maybelline, it works great and is inexpensive. If we are going out Iʼll use black liquid liner to make a little wing and fancy it up Mad Men style. When I am looking and feeling blah, I make a face scrub from a mix of sugar and honey and voila! - my skin looks refreshed & feels soft and beautiful again. Coconut oil is the moisturizer of choice for myself (and Kay)- I love that it is natural, absorbs quickly and smells delish. My hair is at an all-time long and can go 4 days between washes, making it very low maintenance. I often wear it pulled back from grabby little hands, usually in a super high bun, but lately I have been wearing it in a long side braid, which I think looks cool peeking out from under a hat. 

 What's your go to, need to throw clothes on and get out the door, wardrobe staple?
Hats! A cool hat will take the frump out of your outfit and makes you feel stylish when youʼre really wearing a pyjama top underneath your jacket.

What's the best advice you received as a new mom?
“If you were living in the middle of the forest and you didnʼt have any of those things, you and your baby would be just fine without them”. ~Denise
This is forever my mantra! I found the amount of things and gear available for babies to be seriously crazy and overwhelming yet it was tempting to feel the need to get everything so we could be the Best Parents Ever. Thinking of this helps me to not go overboard and I am reminded of its truth when I see her happily ripping up fistfuls of grass in the yard or completely mesmerized by my shoelaces.

“Donʼt read too many parenting books, it will screw up your natural parenting instinct.” Yup. Experience is the best teacher and its fun to figure it out yourselves.

How do you balance your life and life as a mom?
Being a mom is so (wonderfully) all-encompassing that I actually have to remove myself from her presence to feel like I have any ʻmeʼ time. So, I teach Ukrainian dance on Tuesdays (which I love), and get out for a baby-less hike, bike ride, or yoga class whenever I can. Also, keeping in touch with my girlfriends has been an essential part of maintaining my own identity. Its great because only about 5% of the conversation is about Kay and the other 95% of the time is spent talking about everything else that existed in our worlds before she came along. Donʼt get me wrong, I love talking about my sweet baby girl, but it is SO refreshing to have a giggle and chat about the Bachelor, the perils of shopping for jeans, and why it was a good idea to eat an entire chocolate bunny for breakfast.

What are your favourite mommy-time rituals?
I love our mornings together- she is very sweet when she wakes up and seeing her gummy little smile melts my heart! We play and chat, she practices standing and grabbing things and I give her a million smooches.
Also, we both love our post-bath ritual which includes a coconut oil massage and a song (of course).

Anything else you'd share about being a mom?
Breastfeeding can be hard! No one tells you this! You read about it and are led to believe it is going to be beautiful, natural, easy, & instinctual...but it might not be! In my personal experience, it was very difficult and took weeks to get the hang of it(13 weeks to be exact) and I was not expecting that at all. New moms should know that it is a learned skill, so be patient with yourself and your babe and ask for help!

Thank you so much Ash! I'm super excited to share more amazing mommas in the coming days and weeks. If anyone has any questions they'd like to add to the list let me know :)


A new mini project for Mother's day | Okanagan Portrait sessions

One of the best parts about being a family photographer is getting to chat with new and seasoned mommas. I love talking to different women about their approaches to motherhood. There's something to be said about learning from each other and acknowledging our triumphs, struggles and ridiculous moments along the way. There are so many arguments about how best to parent that we forget to applaud each other for finding our own way, our own voice, our own strategies. I, for one, am tired of listening to the debates and would rather just support my fellow mommas instead of giving them the stink eye. All the breastfeeding, birthing, feeding, sleeping, diapering, potty training, schooling whatever debates can stop. There is a place for a healthy debate- yes. But not at the expense of our own sanity. Feeling criticized or judged should not be a part of motherhood. And if it is it's time to drown out the negativity and reinforce the positive.

Starting this week, and in honour of mother's day fast approaching, I will be featuring some of my amazing clients who are in turn amazing mothers. Not because they are doing everything everyone is telling them to do, but because they are amazing in their own way. And I am honoured to have them as clients and mothers in my community.  I'd love you to follow along.

Easy, go-to recipes on the run with One Big Table

I am a big fan of pre-planning meals. And by big fan, I mean I think it's an amazing idea that I don't always put to good use. Hence why, when I'm staring down the barrel of the 4:30, "what's for dinner tonight?" dilemma, I always think preplanning is a good idea :) So, I just went ahead and asked my amazing Italian chef buddy Giulio to come up with some easy, go to recipes for batch cooking, that also make use of local, in season ingredients. And being the amazing guy he is, he came up with delicious options I have made numerous times since our shoot. Both recipes are the kid-friendly, husband-friendly and momma happy kind. Enjoy. 

Recipe and instructions by Giulio, of One Big Table:

SWISS CHARD FRITTERS (makes about 14-16 fritters)
Simple & Delicious: I love serving this dish that will turn Swiss Chard into your new best friend. These fritters freeze very well and make an excellent snack for kids and a surprising appetizer for the whole family!

2 bunches, Swiss Chard 1 clove, Local Garlic 1/4 tsp, nutmeg 2 eggs 1 tbsp, flour (wheat, spelt or gluten free) 1 handful, mint 1 handful cilantro 2 generous pinches of sea salt
1 lemon for garnish olive oil for frying.

Separate Swiss Chard leaves from the stems. Blanch leaves in a large pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes, then cool off in a water bath.
Once cool, squeeze all the excess water out.
Next, in a food processor add all the other ingredients except for the flour and blend until smooth. Then add Flour.
Pan fry large spoonfuls of mixture, in a non stick pan with a splash of olive oil on a lively heat for about 3-4 minutes per side (small pancakes size, about 2 inches across).
Serve with lemon wedges.

This is a great Salad, filling and delicious, and perfect for those weeks you are on the go. Make a big batch at the beginning of the week. and personalize the recipe with what you have in the fridge or what inspires you the most.

3/4 lb, Yams 1/4 cup, Carmelis Goat Feta. handful of Cilantro (or your favorite herb) 1 Red Pepper diced 1 handful of Local Sprouts (pick your favorite, we used garlic sprouts in this recipe) 2 Tbsp. of Shiro Miso Paste 2 Tbsp. Rice wine Vinegar 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil Salt to taste

Start by peeling the Yams and grating them with a cheese grater. Blanch the Yams in a large pot of boiling water for about 2 minutes - the yam should still have a bit of firmness to it, so imagine you are cooking pasta.
Immediately cool down the yams in a water bath and, once cool, allow the excess water to drain.
In a bowl, add peppers, sprouts and yams mixing well. Add the miso, the vinegar and the oil, season with salt and mix with your hands. Gently massage Miso into the salad making sure to blend thoroughly
Check the flavors - depending on your yams and the quality of the ingredients, you can add a little extra miso and vinegar to bring the flavors up a few notches. Trust your palate and let it guide you to make a beautiful dish.
Once you are happy with the flavors, crumble the feta in it, give it a final mix and enjoy this beautifully colorful and nutritious salad!
Buon appetito! G



Sometimes I forget not all of you are on Instagram... it's where I seem to be hanging out lately. I'm always a little overwhelmed by social media. Don't you ever feel like there's so much information out there that your brain might explode? And don't you ever look at people's lives on social media and think "wow, they totally have an amazing life!" But the thing is, it's all one dimensional. In all my photos usually just outside the frame there is a stinky dog in need of a bath, a pile of laundry in need of folding, or a general state of chaos about to explode in my face. But instagram has taught me to see the beauty in the moments. My kid is always caked in dirt and when I pause I think "yeah that's how I want to remember her". Because I remember being caked in dirt as a kid. I remember having adventures in normal circumstances and being a bad ass princess shooting bow and arrows (oh my lord three years olds crack me up) and I just want to remember that my life isn't perfect but it's beautiful nonetheless. Which all sounds a little Oprah so what I'm trying to say is if you want to take a peek into my world, my real surroundings, see shameless cute pics of my girlie, and the ingredients I use for dinner... well you might want to follow along.

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