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The little quirks

I have a problem with the letters V and Z. If ever I see the two letters in a word where the Z comes before the V, I get confused on which sound makes Vvvvvvv and which one makes Zzzzzz. Luckily in our language there are not many words with this pattern. However there is a particular name that is outside the video store where we go and it's something like Zveigt or something or other and try as I might to avoid looking at the word when I walk past I get sucked in every time.

It makes me feel inadequate this little brain-wire crossing. A complete fool I tell you. But I appreciate the things that make me a fool, because I sense that being perfect would be terribly boring and the last thing in the world I want to be is boring. So I'll take Z and V confusion as a quirk that adds to my delightfulness, unless you think I should get this issue looked at?????

hello there.

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