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Everyday Magic

Did you ever look at a shaft of light and see fairy dust lingering in the air? Now I know your adult mind sees dog hair and skin cells and another reason to clean instead of playing, but don't you remember when magic was an everyday occurrence?

Perhaps, my grown-up friends, we need a little magic infusion in our days. Taxes and housework and chores can wait, but if we don't look for the magic in the everyday it will simply disappear like Tinkerbell, when we stop believing in fairies. So here's a little list to remind you that magic is present, even when you're not looking:

The world is spinning regardless of the hour minute or second. It never takes a sick day or threatens to quit. It's very self-less.

Forests are perfect little systems, each mini cell plays a vital role, everything lives and dies and nothing is wasted. The original GREEN movement.

You can throw a ball against a wall and it will come back to you. Brains are magnificent.

Regardless of all our faults, humans continue to believe in Love and Life and Good.

Swinging in a hammock will cure even the darkest moment.

Have a magical day, mes amis.


talking to strangers

I love when people say little shocking things, or admit to tiny secrets, or blurt out something completely inappropriate. It always makes me feel a little more human. A little more connected. Especially when those people are a little bit foreign to you, like the grocery lady or the guy and his dog, or the mom who brings her kid to daycare.

I've been finding myself in this situation many times in short period of time. One mom revealed how she had fantasies about meeting some guy like the main heartthrob in a romantic comedy and he whisks her away and showers her with love. And then she said she knew it wasn't real life and real life was her son and her husband, but it's a nice thought when the boys are being F*** heads. But the best part was she didn't say anything like: oh I'm such a terrible mother/wife, how could I feel that way. She just said her piece and then laughed and went about her day.

A man walked past me and my dog and we said hello. He took this as an opportunity to tell me how he'd just moved back to town after years of living in Korea. He was lonely and had no job prospects. I nodded my head and he grinned. He eventually said he best move along and thanked me for listening.

I think I like these little revelations because they often reflect some piece of our humanness that we all feel. I think it's brave and curious to talk openly to someone you don't know, but I suppose in some ways it's easier to be honest with someone you're not invested in, than someone whose life is entwined with you own.

Have you ever opened your mouth and unintentionally your heart, to someone you barely knew? Do tell.

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You know the sludge at the bottom of the sink after you've washed a big load of greasy, food-baked-on, nasty pots and pans? You know. The stuff. The Sludge. That you would never. ever. touch. when you were a kid. And your mom would just swoop in bare handed, grab a fist full and dump it into the garbage. At that point you were certain she was going to go into toxic shock. And then you could probably get away with eating the entire carton of ice cream even though you didn't finish your (insert your most detested childhood meal here). Except she didn't and then you were horrified and a little afraid. It only proved your mom was indestructible. Remember when you thought your parents were indestructible. And you were sure you would never. ever. become an adult as indestructible as them.

I swore I would never. ever. touch. the. sludge. But that promise has died. Along with all the other promises I made about never getting married. or owning a house. or kissing boys (that one went out a LONG time ago). or doing anything to do with chores or bills or work or the boring stuff.

And today at work I realized I was the indestructible one among the babes in daycare. I swept a handful of ants into my palm and threw them outside. The kids avoided any bad behaviour after that maneuver.



Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a superpower that was just ours and made us unique and whole and purposeful. Everyone would have to appreciate everyone else because they had something no one else had. I sense this would bring an abrupt halt to all wars and suffering and heartache. Our awe of each other would stop us from ever hurting anyone else. And even if we did someone would have a power that would heal it instantly. 

As much as I think flying or super duper strength or the ability to see the future (this one would be far too stressful for little old me), I think my superpower would be the power to put everyone at ease, even in times of crisis.

Wouldn't that be nice? To be that person who could silence a room and make everyone feel like a baby being rocked, like all the troubles in the world can't possibly be that bad. To ease suffering and the soothe the heart when faced with the unanswerable questions of the universe. It would be nice to have powers like that. 

But then I suppose there are a few people like that in our world:


I hope your day is filled with ease my friends. 
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