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Tick, Tick...

I can't put my finger on it but I am fairly certain time is speeding up when I'm not looking. I wake up at sunrise and go to bed after dark and still there is not enough time to get it all done. And what is it all? I have no bloody idea.

Well, actually I do have an idea. It's all the items waiting to be ticked off my list. Yes. The List. The god forsaken scrap of paper that keeps getting longer even when chores/odd jobs/never-going-to-happen-but-would-like-to-think-they-will type things get scratched off The List. I scratch an item off and add two more chores in it's place. It looms from my desk, peering over my shoulder when I am taking a breather, enjoying a cup of tea, or reading a trashy, non-thought provoking book, just because I want to. That damn list taps its toes impatiently as if to say "you got things to do girl, what's all this non-productivity about?"

When I was a teenager/young adult still living at home, my mom used to leave the ubiquitous list on the kitchen table, ready for me to pounce on first thing in the morning. I hated the list. I used to huff and grumble about having to clean whatever corner of the house she insisted needed attention that very day, rather than let me sit on my tush and nurse my hangover du jour. The list often brought about a heated debate in our household. An aggravated, hungover adult/child versus a hard-working, annoyed by hungover adult/child, and somewhat perfectionist mother. I didn't often win, until the day I officially flew the coop permanently.

Yep, I was free from the List for one glorious year, until I found myself creating little reminders on scraps of paper. Not only for myself, but also for hubby. Then it spun out of control. I started colour coding the damn thing, trying to make it look pretty so I could post it to my fridge and convince myself it was an artistic expression with daily pointers. Sorry honey, you're not fooling anyone. I had turned into my mother... god help us.

So my friends I've decided to give the finger to the list and create a much lovelier, dreamier, tantalizing list, to piss the task master list right off. The new and improved list looks something like this:

Go here

Do more of this


and this

and a little of this

enjoy this film again

start each day with this

wear this often

So much to do, so little time to do it.

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Ms Unreliable said...

I never allow enough time to just sit and relax! A quiet weekend somehow barely involves any time indoors, and let's be honest - all that coffee drinking is hard work!

As for lists...I love those little chalk boards that say "Do 2 Things Today" or similar (like these ones http://thesilverliningblog.com/2009/05/29/mini-goals-chalkboard/ )
- the little words of encouragement at the bottom make it all worthwhile :D

xx Kit

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