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A new mini project for Mother's day | Okanagan Portrait sessions

One of the best parts about being a family photographer is getting to chat with new and seasoned mommas. I love talking to different women about their approaches to motherhood. There's something to be said about learning from each other and acknowledging our triumphs, struggles and ridiculous moments along the way. There are so many arguments about how best to parent that we forget to applaud each other for finding our own way, our own voice, our own strategies. I, for one, am tired of listening to the debates and would rather just support my fellow mommas instead of giving them the stink eye. All the breastfeeding, birthing, feeding, sleeping, diapering, potty training, schooling whatever debates can stop. There is a place for a healthy debate- yes. But not at the expense of our own sanity. Feeling criticized or judged should not be a part of motherhood. And if it is it's time to drown out the negativity and reinforce the positive.

Starting this week, and in honour of mother's day fast approaching, I will be featuring some of my amazing clients who are in turn amazing mothers. Not because they are doing everything everyone is telling them to do, but because they are amazing in their own way. And I am honoured to have them as clients and mothers in my community.  I'd love you to follow along.

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