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Everyday Magic

Did you ever look at a shaft of light and see fairy dust lingering in the air? Now I know your adult mind sees dog hair and skin cells and another reason to clean instead of playing, but don't you remember when magic was an everyday occurrence?

Perhaps, my grown-up friends, we need a little magic infusion in our days. Taxes and housework and chores can wait, but if we don't look for the magic in the everyday it will simply disappear like Tinkerbell, when we stop believing in fairies. So here's a little list to remind you that magic is present, even when you're not looking:

The world is spinning regardless of the hour minute or second. It never takes a sick day or threatens to quit. It's very self-less.

Forests are perfect little systems, each mini cell plays a vital role, everything lives and dies and nothing is wasted. The original GREEN movement.

You can throw a ball against a wall and it will come back to you. Brains are magnificent.

Regardless of all our faults, humans continue to believe in Love and Life and Good.

Swinging in a hammock will cure even the darkest moment.

Have a magical day, mes amis.

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