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Day One

4 am really does come around much quicker than anticipated. No matter how convinced you are that you can spring out of bed, 4am does not inspire springy getting-out-of-bed mode. It is more like shlepping out of bed, groaning ones pack onto ones back and then puttering down the dark streets of Cusco to the main square. Although, if you are the Mom and have just recovered from some unknown gastro disaster which had plagued you for days and left you mute, you would probably try to make up for lost talking time by talking non-stop from the moment your eyes opened. It was only a matter of time really.

That early in the morning, there are only other non-springing trekkers standing around wondering what the hell they were doing up at this hour when they were on holidays. It is a marvel that we would all willingly force ourselves to walk uphill for 4 days, when only a quick boot to the coast would find us on sandy beaches, lulling ourselves to sleep to the sound of waves crashing.
One last bag check before the trailhead
Instead we climb aboard a small bus loaded down with camping equipment and porters dressed in raspberry-coloured hiking suits, all of whom were mysteriously chipper at such an early hour. The ticking roar of the diesel engine signaled our last getaway opportunity had dissolved and we were about to embark on the pilgrimage that the ancient Inca took once a year to the site of Machu Picchu. I figured if a chunky old king of Peru could make the trek, I most certainly would.
Our little trekking family
Except, he apparently was not chubby or old. The Inca (king) was a warrior and conqueror, which made me feel a little inadequate as we started down the trail head hours later. But not to worry because the first day was like a lovely meander through the mountains. A little bit of up a little bit of down and then a fair bit of up, and up, and up. And just when you were starting to doubt your decision... there was the first camp, all set up with a lavish snack feast of salty popcorn, hot cocoa, tea, coffee and drinking water. But the best part was the porters standing around clapping for you as you entered the camp, even thought they were the ones who carried fifty pounds worth of equipment up the steep trail, zipping ahead of the group to set up in time for us to roll into camp. PURE. LOVE.

Day one landscape
With day one checked off the itinerary, we zipped up our tents, snuggled into our sleeping bags and stumbled into sleep before our heads indented our make shift pillows. Only to awaken to the dreaded drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Smack in the middle of my forehead. I girl's gotta love the going with the flow attitude. And the jimmy rigging of a towel cache for the drips. Mmmmm thank goodness for the tired body's ability to quickly lull itself back to sleep. Perhaps it was the 5am wake up call looming or the double pass hike awaiting to be marched. Whatever the case, lightning, thunder and raindrops couldn't rouse us until our tiny porters knocked on our tents and presented us with a steaming cup of Coca tea.
The first Ruin of the trek
When one is presented with hot Coca tea you know it's bound to be a good day.

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