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Oh boy.

Did three weeks really just go by? I'm feeling slightly sheepish at my muteness, but alas dear readers I was caught up in pretending to be a gypsy for those three weeks. My little heart couldn't have loved every moment anymore than it did. You see, secretly I've always thought of myself as a wandering soul. I can't get enough of other people and other cultures and other lands. Like a kid meandering along the beach, collecting rocks and seashells and feathers, I'd like to take a big scoop and fill my pockets up with everything I see and do and hear and think whilst travelling. Then I'd bring everything home, line it up on my countertop and examine it closely from every angle. Since that's not really possible I just had to be present in those passing moments, so I'm sorry if I got caught up and stayed away from this little haven of mine.

I hope you will forgive me and enjoy my snippets of images and stories from Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. TO savour the trip a little bit longer, I thought I would break it up into segments that way you have more tales to read and images to digest.

Let's begin with La Paz, Bolivia...

I had never really thought about Bolivia. It wasn't one of those places that beckoned me. We really only decided to fly through La Paz to help us acclimatize to the altitude. BUT I loved it. I don't know why. We slept the entire first day; the altitude made a flight of 20 stairs feel like what I would think an IronMan triathlon might feel like; our hands and feet were constantly tingling from the altitude pills we were taking; I didn't speak the language, or at least not cohesively; but I fell in love. There was just something that makes me want to go back and explore. Like a really great movie preview that leaves you desperate to find the film. Here's a few shots I took, some from the hip, some with a little more care.

Street Shots:

Side Streets La Paz, Bolivia

Building, La Paz Bolivia

Candy Shop, La Paz Bolivia

Evening Market, La Paz Bolivia

Street Vendors, La Paz Bolivia

San Francisco Cathedral, La Paz Bolivia

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