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back to basics

Everyone is so wistful when Summer ends, and Autumn rolls around. However I'm not one of those people. I love Autumn. I don't like the name Fall. No. Fall reminds me of broken bones and embarrassing slips, of people staring and stifling laughter. It's a little too harsh for such a lovely season.

Autumn is more romantic. It's the name that says "come out and play. The tourists are gone. The air is fresher, the days quieter, the nights longer." It's like when you finally let go of the breath you've been holding, when you put up your feet at the end of a long day. It's getting up late on the weekends & wearing sweaters in the morning while drinking coffee on the deck. It's quilts on the bed and soup on the stove. It's mountains and trees. It's getting back to basics.

Summer is steamy and busy. Like an intense love affair that makes you dizzy but is over in an instant. I was never good at flings. I got too attached, hence why my intense love affair turned into marriage. Thank god my man loves Autumn as much as me.

Enjoy Autumn. And these first photos with my Diana taken when I visited hubby out in the woods. Canoeing, hiking, hotsprings, crisp mornings, hot coffee, laughing, quiet, mountains. DREAMY. Did I mention I love Autumn?

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