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attack of the wilderbeast

Carelessness is one of things that creeps into our lives slowly, like mildew manifesting. At first we aren’t aware of it, moving about our days as though nothing is wrong. But over time it can cause havoc, ripping to shreds the very things we need most. Our hearts, our health, our spirits, our relationships seem to be the main victims of our lack of care.
a couple weeks ago, I was rushing to catch the ferry in hopes of arriving in Kelowna by a certain time. Strange how we rush, even when there is no deadline, no one to meet, no reason to be hurried. Perhaps the hurry came from wanting a change of pace or a rediscovery of sanity out in the real world.
As usual Kaz – our dog—chased the car to the end of our long driveway. At that point I always send him back, but in my hurry I didn’t watch him go. I was careless and preoccupied.
At the same time the boys were busy working near the cabin. Kaz always hangs around the worksite when I’m gone, so Chad assumed the dog was playing in the bushes. His attention was focused on the job and he didn’t think twice about where Kaz was. He too was being careless.
Unfortunately, Kaz wasn’t hanging around the worksite. Instead he was off on his own adventure, one that quickly turned dismal.
A few hours later, while walking back to the cabin for their break, Ross and Chad realized the little bud wasn’t tagging along. After a few whistles and calls, he still hadn’t returned. Chad’s calls quickly turned urgent.
Finally, shaking and splattered in dirt and saliva, Kaz appeared. There are many theories about what attacked him, coyote and wolf being the favourites. Whatever it was everyone knows he’s lucky to be curled up on his mat, sleeping off his battle wounds.
At first glance his injuries didn’t appear too severe, even to the vet. But once they’d anesthetized him and shaved his neck, the intensity of the brawl became apparent. Too large surgical drains ran along both sides of his neck, allowing the puss and fluids to drain from the major gashes. The under sides of his front legs were torn up and slashed, evidence of head to head combat, rather than an attack from behind. All around his neck were smaller but deep wounds, showing his opponent wasn’t playing around. Thank god he's doing better these days. He slept for the first few days but slowly he's come around. Nw he's back to his normal self-- chasing after wilderbeasts in the wood, once again.
How he got away is unknown. What is known is that lack of attention and lack of care is an issue that can lead to suffering. So take care my friends—slow it down, take time out for you, your family and your friends.


Anonymous said...

Every time I read one of you posts it touches me .Even though I already know the story as if
I was there . Oh right ,I probably was . Seriously keep em coming .No one understands that bushed cabin fever feeling like I do .We are in it together.
Love you lots

Anonymous said...

You made me cry and that's a good thing. On the surface: a little story; but one full of depth and in sight. This is one of your best!

Anonymous said...

Hey ma petite Katie,

From non other than the mother, I hear your statement loud and clear. This is my first time visiting your blog but I cannot agree with you more. Our pets are our BEST friends and protecting them is what we need to do. I am SO happy that Kaz is left unharmed and well. I hope that the TL is treating you well and hope you will be happy to know that I will be coming for a weekend of fishing/beers in Augusut. If you are not there I will have to kill you. Just kidding, but not really. August 8th,9th and 10th. I just booked my ticket today. I really hope you will be around. I miss you tons and can't wait to see you. Please take care of Kaz from those asshole coyotes/wolves as I know what it is to lose a pup.

Can't wait to see you and the entire TL Krew.

P.S. I hope to bring my newest addition Elwood, if he is allowed that is, you will probably love him.

XO Jilly B

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