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And so it is,

In all my travels the places that intrigued me the most were the tiny towns and villages tucked away from the beaten path. In these locales it seemed the eccentric, mysterious and down-trodden were spending their days tucked away from the prying eyes of society. In these little spots people can do as they please with only a few like-minded souls watching your every move. From the outside looking in it's a mysterious, eccentric bunch of people all with their own strange story on how they got there.
It's one of the intriguing things about being here. How did all the strange, free-spirited residents come to be in this tiny town? Some have escaped to the area, running from issues that plagued them in the "real" world. Some arrived here in hopes of finding adventure in the mountains and some like me, were brought here not knowing why.
So we all seem to fit together in some way or another. The strange and eccentric mixing with the adventurous and the lost. We all seem to get along, turning a blind eye to each others faults and embracing that which makes the other unique.


sy said...

Great Stuff Katie.

I cannot get over how amazing it would be to do what you are doing. To me it is a blessing. So feel good and privileged about it. How long will you be there for do you know?

snorri said...

wow nice photo - the middle one. Not a bad place by the looks of it.


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